Petra Schechter (vocals) as a child loved to listen to her aunts when they spoke Ladino, the Spanish of the sephardic jews. When she travelled to Spain for the first time at age 15, she immediately felt at home. Over the years she has returned to her beloved Spain many times over and spent multiple months there in total. Out of a natural interest in her heritage and her longstanding experience as a professional singer, Marcia:Bloom emerged. The project is a combination of her passion for Ladino and “old school“ soul, her dearest musical inclination. The fact that Petra comes from a Sephardic as well as Ashkenazic background – uniting these diverse cultures within her – has only led, over the years, to reinforce her heartfelt desire to keep “this wonderful Ladino language“ alive with her music and build a bridge between the various generations and diverse cultures on our planet.


Uwe Seemann (bass, guitar, vocals) is a seasoned German music scene professional and the mastermind behind Marcia:Bloom. In this project he is able to exhibit both his musical and organizational versatility. On the debut Marcia:Bloom album “ladino soul,“ Uwe can be heard and appreciated on bass, guitar, drums and vocals. In addition, he also co-wrote the songs with Petra together and produced the studio recordings. Additional professional experience: Graduate of the Popular Music Course at the Hamburg School of Music and Theater, Member of the Board of Examiners for Event Technology at the Hamburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Stage Manager, Equipment Technician, Specialist for the Repair and Restoration of Rhodes Electric Pianos. Uwe is your sole contact for all technical and organizational issues surrounding Marcia:Bloom.


Live on stage, Petra and Uwe are accompanied by:


Benny Brown (Rhodes, Trombone, Trumpet and Fluegelhorn) completed his music studies with honors at the Hamburg School of Music and Theater and has made a name for himself nationally as an extremely versatile trumpet player who is in high demand. Benny accompanied Esther Ofarim with the Film and Popular Music Orchestra and his debut CD “Brown“ was released in May 2014 and features his own quartet, the “Benny Brown Band.“ Benny is a steady member of the Roger Cicero Big Band and with Marcia:Bloom he is able to demonstrate his musical flexibility, also performing on Rhodes electric piano.


Matthias ‚Maze‘ Meusel (Drums & Percussion) studied drums and piano at the Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media. As a studio and live drummer, he has played countless productions and tours in and outside of Europe to date and is most notably known for his distinct, versatile, musical and song-oriented playing. As a composer, he was an award winner of the German Composer’s Society’s first composition competition. Matthias is also a steady member of the Roger Cicero Big Band and the Roger Cicero Jazz Experience. Furthermore, he was significantly involved in the creation of the album “ladino soul“ by Marcia:Bloom.