A contemporary approach to ladino music!

The duo  M a r c i a : B l o o m  packages the Ladino language, the spanish of sephardic jews, in a modern sound to reach each and every generation and draw attention to this forgotten language!

Experience an unforgettable evening with a wonderful voice, a fabulous band and a truly thrilling performance!



25/03/2018     Mannheim, Germany – Jüdische Gemeinde Mannheim

03/09/2017     Munich, Germany – Jüdische Gemeinde München

27/05/2017     Sulzbach, Germany – Ehemalige Synagoge Sulzbach

21/05/2017     Aachen, Germany – Jüdische Gemeinde Aachen

18/10/2015     Hamburg, Germany – Jüdische Gemeinde Hamburg

25/07/2015     Valkeakoski, Finland – Workers‘ Music Festival

19/06/2014     Hamburg, Germany – Mojo Club – Jazz Café, Cd Release